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“When I would use SHIFT, I would feel a sense of calm all over my body and I wouldn't feel the pain for at least 3-4 days”
— Sona Dalal

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”With the electromagnetic coils all through the hat....I felt that the effect was calming, relaxing, and more powerful than anything I've felt with other neuromodulation devices. I'm excited to see where Kamran and Nadia take it next”
Dr. Cody Rall

Founder of Techforpsych; former U.S. Navy active duty Psychiatrist;
Stanford Brainstorm Alumni; MD Staffers TelaDoc provider

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Using SHIFT, my deep sleep increased from an average of 40 minutes a night to about 1 hour and 20 minutes a night. Now, I wake up feeling far more refreshed and energized.

— Fred Dryer

I didn’t consider myself to be anxious or stressed. But when I tried SHIFT, I was amazed at the most relaxing 25-minutes I’ve had in a long time.

— Todd Hanson

I get horrible migraines. It would feel like someone is stabbing me in the head. I have tried everything — even cervical nerve ablation — and nothing worked. And then I tried SHIFT. Miraculously, It brought my pain levels down to be bearable and I can even wear it around while tending to my kids and working so I don't have to miss a beat anymore.

— Dr. Michelle Khine

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Brain Entrainment
Brain Entrainment

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I wear my SHIFT whenever I’m feeling anxious or dealing with bouts of pain. I often do two 25-minute sessions in a row.  While using SHIFT, I avoid intensive mental work, choosing, instead, to crochet or watch TV.

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