We hope SHIFT improves your life as much as it improved ours

Why SHIFT was designed

We designed SHIFT out of necessity. Conventional pharmacological options for the pain and anxiety Nadia experienced were either inadequate or had unacceptable side effects. Existing alternative or integrative therapies ranged from ineffective to inaccessible when needed.

After years of experimentation, trial-and-error, and prototype iterations, we created SHIFT. In our home, SHIFT has become the go-to approach to alleviating stress, pain or anxiety. We hope that you will get the same benefits from SHIFT that we have.

Our story

From a need to a movement

The Morning Routine

In 2017, our co-founder, Nadia, was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome which led to severe chronic pain manifesting throughout her body. She experimented with numerous conventional and alternative therapies.  Nothing was reliably effective, always accessible, and affordable over the long term.

Light Exercise

Nadia’s brother, Kamran, FluxWear’s co-founder, experimented with various modalities. He eventually settled on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) given the underlying clinical studies and for PEMF’s potential portability, affordability, and form factor.  Starting 2017, they began the arduous process of rethinking PEMF from the ground-up.

Afternoon Pick Me Up

Kamran developed novel magnetic emitters and figured out how to integrate them into a form factor that complements Nadia’s lifestyle. He experimented with, and exhaustively assessed, numerous stimulation protocols. After 4 years of experimentation, SHIFT was born.

We created SHIFT to help solve fundamental challenges in the treatment of pain and anxiety, particularly among young people. Parents, counselors, nurses, physical therapists, corporate wellness programs, our educational institutions—they all need better tools to help them address the mental and physical crises being experienced throughout the US today.
Kamran Ansari

CEO and Co-Founder

Meet the


Our SHIFT advisors

Brain Entrainment

Shaista Malik

Doctor of Medicine, Master of Public Health, Doctor of Philosophy

Shaista Malik, MD, PhD is cardiologist and executive director of the UCI Susan Samueli Integrative... read more

Brain Entrainment

Christine Kraus

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Christine Kraus is a clinical neuropsychologist and associate clinical professor at UCI with expertise in comprehensive... read more

Brain Entrainment

Ali Elahi

Doctor of Medicine

Ali Elahi, is board-certified neurologist  with expertise in repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), neurofeedback... read more

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