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SHIFT is the most powerful consumer grade, non-invasive, wellness device. SHIFT’s patented technology delivers low-energy stimulation designed to help you stress less. Simple. Sophisticated. SHIFT.

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The benefits of SHIFT

Improve Focus

Discover how your focus improves as calmness increases and distracting thoughts are reigned in.

Fast Acting

SHIFT sessions are only 25 minutes long. Feel the benefits of SHIFT in less time than it takes to commute to work.

Feel Safe

SHIFT is a FDA Class I registered device operating at very low magnetic field intensities.

Stress Less

Make SHIFT part of your morning routine. Start the day calmer and more relaxed.

Reduce Pain

Users with chronic pain report a greater than 50% decrease in pain after using SHIFT.

Control Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed? Get control over runaway thoughts.

How SHIFT works

No complicated user settings. Simply press and restore.

Novel microcoil emitters create unique multidirectional magnetic fields

Unique pulse trains and emitter sequencing algorithms yield a whole brain stimulation that is rapid and effective

SHIFT is fully adjustable, ensuring everyone gets the proper SHIFT experience

A small, discrete controller allows users to access therapy with one press of a button

Our proprietary stimulation protocol allows users to obtain the benefits of SHIFT without having to navigate multiple settings

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to use SHIFT


SHIFT is soft and snug, enhancing your sense of serenity and relaxation.


The Morning Routine
Easy to use

With one button and a portable design, you just press and go.


The Morning Routine
Rapidly effective

SHIFT works in just under thirty minutes. Users start to feel an rapid effect rather than having to wait multiple weeks.


The Morning Routine

SHIFT is a FDA Class I registered product operating at very low (earth-level) magnetic field intensities.


The Morning Routine

The SHIFT Difference

Hear testimonials from dedicated SHIFT users, and what makes SHIFT such an important part of their daily lives.

The Morning Routine
I am diagnosed and cope with moderate OCD, anxiety, and mild depression. I began using SHIFT daily in September 2022, and I have experienced tremendous improvement in my mental health and SHIFT has transformed my life for the better. After using it for the last 4+ months, I can’t imagine not having what I have nicknamed my “magic hat”.
— Mary Kildare
The Morning Routine
I had a lot of nerve pain, but when I would use SHIFT, I would feel a sence of calm all over my body and I wouldn’t feel the pain for at least 3-4 days.
— Sona Dalal
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SHIFT is award-winning

NY Awards
Muse Awards
Octane HTA
Finalist Award
Innovator of the Year
Nomination Orange County
Business Journal (OCBJ)

The SHIFT story

In July 2017, Nadia, one of FluxWear’s co-founders, was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that caused her severe chronic pain. Despite trying all available therapies, nothing worked in a way that was accessible, comfortable, and user friendly.

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asked questions

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How does SHIFT work?

SHIFT emits very low-level pulsing magnetic fields at different points in time toward different areas of your head. The emitted magnetic fields are less than other commercially available pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices.  PEMF is known to positively influence signal transduction pathways, ion binding, ion transport across human cell membranes and calcium (Ca++) ion transport.  

Do I need to do anything before using SHIFT?

We suggest that you drink water and be well hydrated before you use SHIFT. Make sure you do not have any metal in your scalp or hair (like bobby pins). Do not use SHIFT if you have any implants in your head. Earrings are fine. Some people experience a burst of energy after using SHIFT, so we suggest that, at least to begin with, avoid using SHIFT too close to bedtime. Review the Limitation of Liability and Precautions at before using SHIFT.

How do I know my SHIFT is ready to use?

Press the On/Off Button. If the Charge Status LED is green, SHIFT is ready to use. If the Charge Status LED is yellow or red, please charge SHIFT for at least 1 hour before using.

How do I start using my SHIFT?

Press the On/Off Button. Wear your SHIFT. SHIFT runs for 25 minutes and shuts off automatically. You may turn it off at any time by pressing the On/Off Button again. While using SHIFT, if you feel your pain has alleviated or if you feel sufficiently relaxed, you may stop your SHIFT session even if the full 25 minutes has not elapsed. Just press the On/Off Button again.

anytime, anywhere

SHIFT helps your body and mind recover from life's stresses and just 25 minutes.

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